Beautifull with Interesting

Sherly: “I’m pretty but not a lot I can do I’ll look wow” ..

Zeta: “mean?” …

Sally: “I wanted to like it looks simple but interesting in to make up”

Ze: “believe me if we could gorgeous and perfect. I am confused what to do to make up? But I think, let me look beautiful with a personality that I have.”

Sally: “hahaha … pretty with personality?” .. I’m more confused “.

Sofi: “eih .. men like women who performed what?”

Sally: “ask to Your  boyfriend alone .. hahaha” …

Ze: “hahaha .. let’s see some women may appear different from the colors that fit the type of skin. Looks perform” freedom to be you. “Pretty what you are.

Sally: “aaahh .. might be?”

Ze: ‘let’s see what’s hard to be able to. “…

Sally: “humm …. pretty interesting 

Ze: “pretty interesting” …

Sofi: “aah. I would like to ask my boyfriend just the same … I want to look like a queen for her” ..

Sally: “as long as we are comfortable with the performance, what people will like it too?”

Ze: “Yeah. Yeah .. why not to like?” ..


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