Haloo … Frend, ..

I met many of the men and talked a lot about the comfort of the partner. They are basically admired women. For men, see women will have a distinct impression .. ehemm .. 

With a different opinion but there is also the same .. anyway she was complementary to men.
Why is it that men are so admired women ?? Because men have imagination and logic that can not be denied. That’s a normal thing, that’s their right as voters couples (* women are also entitled to vote kok ..)

 But how men can be with the woman, without a glance at Walin (another woman).
From many sources (share) that I could, there was also disliked the men from the women. 

Aah .. what is it ?? Should be listened to. Moga could be material self reformation.
1. Less maintain Physical Appearance.

Point is always a reference to some men when he first knew. (* first sight can indeed be the next view). There he was assessing what this woman concerned about health & perawatan.Pria always wanted women to “Queen” for him to be proud.

 Quiet, Jafra Skincare has many treatment options **
If we look at sosmed, when a woman memposted photo super attractive and sexy, nah..berapa many men who “Like”. The response was quick, too. But not a few men who like women who look decent, and it makes men more curious to know more.
2. Too Spoiled

Waw … For this one is not a hindrance women who can not be spoiled anyway. The point here is the independent person making the men more convinced that women can be self-supporting (stand on its own feet *) for

For this there are times when a man wants to be independent women for things that can be done alone example: shopping, go to a salon or things that men can do themselves .. because he was the the “Simple, not want complicated”. But perhaps there may be a man who would deliver it, though not often.

If I asked in some men. “Like Spoiled woman or Independent?” They average replied “Like the Self” they too have their own reasons. But there are times when men also like women who spoiled in the current time with him (currently enjoy).
3. Less Have Insights

In the present era, everything has to be ready to compete either in business or the environment inevitably everyone needs a decent life and mental balance in the competition. Well .. it makes men need a woman who could be invited to an interactive discussion can at least be listeners and can understand all the difficulties.
Imagine if men share a vent (outpouring) with “Anwom”(another woman) because the Anwom be considered intelligent than her partner .. what will happen in the future ??? 

Because the vent that happens for their communication needs, discussion and social interaction. Moreover, if the broad horizons will be fun.
Couples should be friends for himself because of the dependency must exist especially in times of trouble and happiness.

4. Rough (less tender)

The woman was synonymous with softness. Every couple wants comfort in the relationship. Comfort that can be felt and certainly very valuable to an integrity relationship.

So also with the hope of men want to have a soft-spoken woman as part of the criteria for a woman to be the mother to the children, as well as balancing the character of the man synonymous with firmness.

But there are also men who like the woman who bit tomboyish. But her maternal instincts remain a dream. Because a man always wants her partner is almost the same with her mother.

Indeed, he was unique because he chose a life partner is not just untukmasa now much less so past .. (no way ..) but for the future ..

Yeah.. All have advantages and disadvantages. Everything can be fixed, complementary. The important thing is Communication Active. 

Best Regards,


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