Said Skin: ” Give me what I need is not what you want…”

If the skin can talk or demonstration (aka protest demonstrations) surely we will not make mistakes especially for the skin is getting worse.

Skin also want to be rewarded with any kind, or any color. Since God created us so perfectly with all the differences.

Is it always identuk beauty with white color ?? … What’s wrong with the other skin color ?? Black, tan, brown .. because actually it will be the hallmark of someone who comes from the race, the nation is also a genetic thing.

Moreover, the skin pigment (melanin cells) collagen and anything related crimped leather elements.

Yes I may share about respect and are proud to be the type of skin color and characteristic genetic origins of our descendants.
Example: The Asian skin is usually light tan, black African, European white color and so on. it is still considered normal .. but who are considered strange if there are people with green or blue skin color … (ehemm .. just a joke.)
If the skin could talk, he’d give specify the information, what the skin needs ya ?? .. what the skin has to be able to give recommendations bleach without any side effects ??
Keep in mind, my friend … have a smooth skin or especially bright clean .. that is likely to be expected .. as acne-free skin, dark spots or stains also maintain the quality of the skin is better for the long term. Because of the appearance of satisfaction was not enough for one month only. But for the long term.
Friend, grateful and proud of myself sendri it more diapresiasiasikan .. Freedom To Be You … because there lies their confidence .. Great !!

There is no instant thing for a change. Since all need a process. Each process there must be progress .. Well … how about you ?? As performed in skin care. We have chosen but we also will undergo risk. Well .. .. Betull negative risk who need to be avoided .. especially for the long term.

Look how God created us with all his will because he knows the elements that exist in all of us, as well as skin .. Not many people know about our skin but we can know a lot of information related to our skin ..

Love it, Respect it … Understand the needs … because he was also breathing and want comfort .. It is Skin !!! …

Be choosy appropriate, not just lightning fast for a change.

Proud of myself, because we have a characteristic and a different type. Exempt skin from acne, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines .. Bright colors that enhance your skin .. Thanks for listening.
Salam Care.

Jafra Skincare ..


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