Balancing Advanced ( Normal or Combinatiom skin) Jafra


Daily care for normal or combination skin. This skin type has medium pores, texture soft, healthy skin Waena. Cheek skin tends to dry & T Zone area tends to be oily. This treatment is useful for minyal help reduce excessive facial skin also keep a balance in order to remain healthy glow.


Is activated gel formula of water will be foam, which is refreshing and gentle for help remove dirt and normalize the skin.

Ingredients: Equalsmart Complex, Ayurvedic plant extract (winter cherry, Centella asiatica, Ipomea) & Panthenol (provitamin B5) How to use: Spread evenly cleanser on your face and neck, then rinse with water .. did on the morning and evening.


Remove residual cleanser, oil and dirt. for skin preparation on further treatment. Toner can minimize excess oil afar T Zone seems to shine and natural PH balance of the skin.

Ingredients: Equalsmart Complex, Ayurvedic (winter cherry, Centella asiatica, ipomoea), witch hazel extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Panthenol (provitamin B5)

3. DAY MOISTURE Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

Lotion is enriched during the day with SPF 15. Helps, hydrates skin and minimize oil in the T Zone. Improving protection against skin regeneration. Reduce lines – fine lines or wrinkles.

Ingredients: Equalsmart Complex, Plant Extract Ayurvedic (winter cherry), Centella asiatica, ipomoea), advanced intellishield +, chestnut seed extract.


Improves skin moisture, prevent dryness, softens and smoothes the skin (penyeimbangam oil) restores skin damaged by UV / pollutants, reduce the appearance of lines – fine lines and wrinkles and brightens on.

Ingredients: Extract Ayurvedic plants (winter cherry, Centella asiatica, ipomoea), soybean seed extract and seaweed.


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